Friday, July 10, 2015

Backpacking with a Giant Jensen

I'm getting ready to leave on my nine day backpacking trip tomorrow  with my new Giant Jensen from Rivendell Mountain Works. I took it out for a three day trial last weekend, and I have to say it is easily as comfortable as the Danas and Ospreys I've owned. Not bad for a design from the late sixties. Hating the term retro, (I know you probably would apply that to my phone Kent),  I would not call it by that name. With its lack of a network of cinches and straps, I would call it simple and effective. I'm glad Eric Hardee is keeping the pack design alive. Nine days worth of food fits easily in the twin tubes of the pack body. I may need more room when I start to pack everything, but I can always lash a stuff sack to the top. I'll try to report at some point after my return.

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